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Miscellaneous Projects




Tube (Valve) Amplifier (experimental) Concepts

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Tube (Valve) Amplifier Projects

Top Cat : A new amplifier design with 2 OPTs/channel: schematic and pictures

Inspired by Norman Crowhurst's "Twin Coupled" design Top Cat is a major improvement with sine wave OPT currents!

The Paraphaser: A Bogen line transformer as OPT amplifier with push-pull 13FD7 output tubes: schematic and pictures

Fixed bias and paraphase splitter using economical parts mounted on a Kroger loaf pan.

PC Speaker Tube/Bipolar Current Mirror Hybrid Amplifier: schematic and pictures

Pretty close to the original concept but with auto-bias added.

6CW5 20 Watt Guitar Amplifier: schematic and pictures

Built for nephew and switchable between fixed/cathode bias. Recording studio said "best sounding guitar amp we've had in here."

12AX7 Preamp with 6BQ5/6GK6 PP finals Tube Power Amp: schematic and pictures.

This amplifier is based on the Harmon Kardon "Trio" power output stage but with improved phase splitter, increased gain for use with modern CD levels & passive preamp, and OPT balancing cathode bias current mirror. Dubbed "Stealth AX" in honor of the 12AX7 preamp.

Sub Watt Mini Guitar Amplifier: pictures

'Quiet for home' tube PP practice guitar amp with headphone output and gig P.A./recording studio line out for wall shaking volume. Dubbed "Gemini x2" for employing dual twin triodes.

6AW8 PP PC Speaker Amplifier: schematic and pictures

All tube PC Speaker amplifier and low cost home made PC Speaker set based on the MCM 1853 4 inch driver.

6CY7 Headphone Amplifier (breadboard): schematic and pictures

Discussion about the headphone output on the 6AW8 PC Speaker amplifier prompted me to try building an amplifier specifically for headphones and this 6CY7 OTL breadboard was the result.

13FD7 'Mini Williamson' PC Speaker/Office Amplifier: schematic and pictures

A push pull triode amplifier derived from the original Williamson design but improved with LTP triodes after the concertina and OPT current mirror.

"Tin Man," a 45B5 SE Stereo 'PC Speaker' Amplifier: schematic and pictures

A cute Single Ended 'PC Speaker' amplifier based on a typical 1960's line powered 'stereo phonograph' and built on a bread pan.

"Batman," an experimental battery powered, sub watt, tube guitar amplifier utilizing push pull 1D8GTs: schematic and pictures

"Batman," the production version with gain control and 9 V battery stack for B+: schematic and pictures
Magic Eye PPM. Bouncing lights to music: schematic and pictures



Tube (Valve) RF Projects

'Twin Triode' AM Transmitter and GORT modulation indicator: schematic and pictures

Another flea power AM transmitter, but using triodes this time, mounted in an Alliance Labs (Mallory Clone) UHF converter and featuring a fiber optic modulation indicator.

FM Transmitter with Stereo MPX Proposals, an in process project with current breadboard and schematics.

12AL8 Regen in CD case, pictures and schematic.

The Beamus, "Beam Me Up, Scotty," high modulation depth, high fidelity, AM Transmitter, a project in process, with schematics.

Other Useful Circuits

'0V' Dropout Heater Regulator: schematic

Heater Pulse Regulator: schematic

This circuit generates a semi regulated 12.6VDC heater supply from 'wrong size' transformers.

Off Site Links

For a fascinating trek into the past to see mechanical Television, yes I said mechanical, click on this link to the Early Television Museum. Naturally, they have lots of information on early electronic TVs as well.

Think cruise missiles are new? Take a gander at this WW-II remote controlled bomb with TV!

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